Removable appliances in orthodontics

Removable appliances in orthodontics 

Removable appliances in orthodontics are generally used to treat dental misalignment or malocclusion in development phase and therefore are mainly devised for adolescent or pre-adolescent patients.

They are called removable because they can be inserted or removed by the patient in complete autonomy. These appliances are personalized and based on the impressions of patients’ dental arcades and palate.

The removable appliances are very useful in resolving orthodontic problems, especially if used at young age. They are, in fact, frequently planned as initial phase of the orthodontic treatment while a fixed appliance maybe used in the final phase known as “finishing”.

Being removable, these orthodontic appliances do not influence the oral hygiene particularly and both tooth brush and dental floss can be used safely.

Different types of removable appliances

There are three types of removable appliances:

  • Mechanical: the active force is activated by screws, springs and arches of which the appliance is made
  • Functional removable appliance: it acts through the force of lips, tongue and chewing muscles. With this appliance both malocclusions and misalignment of the teeth are corrected. Realignment of the teeth is an actual orthopedic action capable of correcting the position of mandible and jaw bone.
  • Maintenance removable appliance: it is used at the end of the treatment in order to maintain the results obtained. Normally, this kind of appliance is carried during the night but its use is to be determined by the expert for each individual case.

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