Oral Hygiene


Our physical wellbeing also depends on the health of our teeth. There are many dental pathologies that could cause serious repercussions on our general health if not treated. [cml_media_alt id='940']Igiene Orale[/cml_media_alt]

In order to have a perfect smile it is indispensable to maintain correct and constant oral hygiene.

The main enemy of oral hygiene is bacterial plaque that nests daily on our teeth especially after meals. If not adequately removed with correct oral cleaning it hardens into calculus (tartar), i.e. a deposit of plaque on our teeth and around the gums. The plaque and calculus are the main cause of caries and gingivitis and they also tend to ruin the teeth due to the acid that damages the dental enamel.

Other factors like smoke and coffee intake tend to favor the formation or calculus, which can be removed only by a dentist carrying out a thorough and correct oral cleaning.

A scarce oral hygiene causes various problems, of which the most frequent is bad breath.

Indeed, the incorrect use of toothbrush causes accumulation and proliferation of bacteria in the mouth resulting in bad breath and gum infections.

The bacteria combined with the food residue cause a particular chemical reaction of decomposing with sulfurous gases which confer the smell of sulfur to the breath. The bacterial plaque with time hardens and becomes calculus, itself responsible for oral infections such as periodontitis and gingivitis also causing bad breath.

What is the main difference between the daily cleaning and professional dental cleaning?

Daily cleaning of the teeth is the first step in maintaining a correct oral hygiene and it prevents caries, periodontitis and gingivitis. The teeth must be washed accurately, after each meal, for at least three minutes, brushing delicately all the surfaces. In order to eliminate the accumulated plaque more efficiently, it is essential to use the toothbrush correctly, favoring the vertical versus horizontal movements avoiding strong rubbing that could damage the dental enamel.

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However, regular daily cleaning does not guarantee complete oral hygiene and it is indispensable to use professional help periodically to verify our oral and dental health. Specific prevention and corrective measures are taken to resolve possible issues.

Seeing your dentist periodically, at least twice a year, will successfully prevent the most frequent problems that could otherwise cause serious damage. An in-depth dental check-up will guarantee your oral health in the years to come.

Professional dental cleaning consists of thorough removal of plaque and calculus accumulated on various dental surfaces and it is the most efficient instrument in prevention of most frequent dental pathologies such as caries, gingivitis, pyorrhea and periodontitis.

Since both plaque and calculus accumulate mainly under the gingival sulcus and between the teeth it is difficult to reach them even with the correct use of the toothbrush.

Normally it is sufficient to have professional dental cleaning done twice a year.

For the patients with certain pathologies such as gingivitis or pyorrhea as well as for the smokers it is advisable to have the cleaning done three times a year.

Our studio has elaborated personalized dental hygiene profiles for each patient based on daily habits. Thanks to the personalized profile one can maintain the perfect oral hygiene and prevent the infections.