Invisalign, the invisible appliance

Invisalign is an orthodontic therapy technique that uses a transparent resin mask for the teeth alignment. The masks is esthetically pleasing since it is completely transparent.[cml_media_alt id='919']Invisalign[/cml_media_alt]

 Realigning of the teeth is important for the smile and with the Invisalign technique it is possible to obtain perfect teeth without compromising the esthetic aspects.

Use in adolescence?

The transparent appliance has been studied for the adults with completely developed set of teeth, but it can be applied on the adolescents as well. This aspect, however, has to be evaluated by a qualified orthodontist based on the type of teeth in question.

How does Invisalign appliance work?

Invisalign, developed in the USA, is a transparent appliance consisting of a series of transparent and removable masks, capable of resolving the flaws of a misaligned teeth. The masks are called Aligners and have to be periodically replaced based on the progress achieved in repositioning and aligning the teeth.

How to have an Invisalign appliance

A transparent Invisalign appliance is produced ad hoc based on the patient’s teeth. During the first visit our orthodontist evaluates the situation thoroughly and formulates a precise diagnosis. Once the adequacy of Invisalign treatment is established, the dental impression is made and sent to a laboratory that produces transparent masks using graphic technologies. Normally Invisalign appliance consists of two masks, one for superior arch and another one for the inferior arch. Personalized and numbered masks are delivered to the orthodontist together with the instructions for correct use. Once the treatment has started it is necessary to have the progress monitored by an expert orthodontist.

A perfect smile and a problem resolved

Invisalign treatment has important advantages from the esthetic point of view since the masks are practically invisible. The Aligners do not cause problems otherwise typical for conventional appliances since they are very simple to use, do not require complex maintenance procedures and are periodically replaced.

Personal oral hygiene is not affected since the use of Invisalign, being removable, allows a perfect dental cleaning.

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